Greetings Mirthlings

So, I have been thinking for a while that I would really love to offer writers the opportunity to get some feedback for their writing on my blog. It doesn't matter how much you send me, but for obvious reasons the more you send the longer it will take me to read. I'm not sure what kind of stuff I would prefer to read at the moment but I will give you my honest thoughts and feedback as a reader (because I love to read, as most of us do!). I am quite a speedy reader too so you shouldn’t be waiting weeks for me or whatever.

So, to ask for me to read your stuff either fill out a contact form on the side bar there or email me on:

Guidance on messaging me:
1.     Include in the header your name and that you'd like me to read your stuff
2.     If you have a summary of what you've written so far then let me know in the email.
3.     In the body of the email tell me your genre, how long the draft or whatever will be (word count or word doc. pages)
4.     Tell me who your audience is (YA and teen, NA, Middle School, Young children, Adults)
5.     Wait for me to reply. I check my emails daily! 

So, what will you read old bean?

I will read pretty much anything and give you my thoughts as a reader (as that's who your market audience is!). However, I don’t want to read stuff that features severe language, is racist or is erotica. None of those please.

I will tell you my first impressions as a reader of the plot and how it’s progressing. I will, if necessary, make comments on parts that need improvement as well as what I really loved about it in terms of your writing and characterization. If there is something you want me to look out for specifically then by all means let me know as I’d love to help. It’s worth remembering I’m doing this in my own time as a hobby and do not do this professionally, but sometimes it’s useful to have a beta reader who doesn’t know you as a person and is just reading your writing for what it is.


Everything you submit to me must be your own work. I will respect your right to your own copyright and will not post any of it elsewhere nor plagiarise it. All comments I make will be private in correspondence between me and the individual requesting beta-reading. It will not be posted on this blog. This is all completely free too, so be kind and courteous. Treat others how you would like to be treated! J Also, no viruses. If the computer picks up your document as malicious then I will discard of it.

Formats I can read:
·        Word documents
·        PDFs
·        I have a kindle so you can send me the Kindle eReader format
·        Google Documents
·        If the piece is relatively small, like less than 500 words, then just paste it into the body of the email

Anyway, hopefully I’ll hear from you! Any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Let me know if you are on Google+ and Twitter too so I can follow you

Much love,


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