The stages of procrastination

Greetings world. My name is Jess and I have to make announcement. I am really bad at procrastinating when I have stuff to do I don’t want to do. Specifically assignments.

If you follow this blog at all (lol) then my lack of post last week probably now makes sense - I was writing assignments. That I didn’t want to write. And alongside uploading a pretty dumb video to the nun-topia channel my internet presence all of last week was minimal.

It sucked.

Anyway, as I’ve aged, I have become better at spotting when the things I want to do seem like they are coming out of nowhere. Because they are actually a distractor to the thing I don’t want to do. So here are the steps I seem to notice, like clockwork, every time I have an assignment I’m dreading.

1. Fake sense of productivity
At this stage, I pretend I’m motivated to do the work. I get my books, pens and other necessary supplies out. I copy down the essay question, have a think about structure...then I get distracted by Twitter or I think of a video I can make. Or I just get distracted by food.

2. Stress
If you're familiar with psychology and the Ainsworth procedure of ‘The Strange Situation’, you’ll know there is like a regular stage and then a repeated stage of separation. Basically, that’s how my stages of procrastination work. There is usually a (very) short burst of productivity and then it’s usually stress or crying. Which is where we’re at now.

3. Distracting myself
At this point, I’ve usually already gotten overwhelmed (I know) and hate the assignment, myself and my life choices. So I tell myself that I’ve written the question, gotten some idea of how I might start to attempt planning the essay and that I deserve a study break. Which is great whilst I’m out. Like, ‘Yass, here I am having fun, living my life’ but by the time I am home again I basically end up getting punched in the face by my assignment.

4. Determination
I’m angry by this stage. I am mad at myself for going out and buying socks and tell myself that during that time I could have gotten a fair way into the essay (which is a lie I continue to tell myself). So now I start to painfully write. And it seems like everything I’ve written is wrong but I keep going until I get distracted by Twitter again.

5. Spending money as an excuse
By this point, I’m on maybe my third day of the assignment. I’ve put in in the region of 8 hours work and I wake up, dreading life, wishing I had written more yesterday. So I get straight out of bed and start writing. Which - if you know me - if a mistake because my brain doesn’t function well without food. But I get to a point - usually when I’m hungry and bored - when I tell myself that in order to continue, I’m going to need to buy pastel highlighters. Seriously, they seem - at that moment - completely mandatory in writing this essay. And whilst I don’t have highlighters, I borrow my sisters and they do the job fine so needing to buy pastel highlighters is a ploy from my procrastinating brain.

6. Home stretch
Somewhere between writing down whatever comes into my mind and wanting to buy stationary, I find the motivation to complete what I’m writing. And whilst it never sounds good I’ve gotten to that point in the journey of the assignment that I need it to be done or I will go insane. Like, the word document is at 533 minutes after spending 8 hours writing by hand. My sanity is seriously in question by this point (more than usual).

So there you go. The stages I go through during procrastination. It’s a lot of back and forth which is worse. I go from hopeful to guilty about not doing the assignment like a yo-yo.

Also, my lack of bullet journal post layout this week isn’t because I haven’t done it - I have - but I felt like it was a fob off. I hadn’t posted last week and posting my bullet journal this week seemed like...lazy somehow? But you can check out Mirth Box’s Instagram @mirth_box if you want to check it out, I will post it there!

Anyway, have a fabulous day. Make somebody smile today!

More later,


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