DIY 2 ingredient moisturizing exfoliant | #selfcare

Hello hunty,

I was doing some thinking last night. I didn’t have a blog post. Didn’t have an idea for a blog post. But I still wanted to continue on this challenge of life I’ve given myself to post every week. I mean, ultimately I want to be writing everyday again. But that’s for later. When I don’t have an exam and a disorganised wardrobe.

So back to where I was. No blog post. No idea. But what do I have? Nasty, dry and crusty hands, henny. And it sparked an idea.

Now, before I get into the DIY - because frankly, I could tell you in less than 20 words and what kind of blog post is that for my zero viewers? - I wanted to talk about self-care. Making this hand scrub - the one I could tell you how to make in less than 20 words, but instead I’m going to word vomit like 1000 words at you and include pictures and unnecessary gifs - has kind of evolved into the kind of thing I do for self-care. Now if you’ve stumbled across this blog post accidentally (first of all, sorry, second of all, tutorial’s down bottom) and you aren’t aware what self-care is, then let me regale you.

My understanding of it isn’t the usual,necessary self-care (showering, brushing your teeth, wiping…) but is on top of this, providing more of an internal crutch to your mental self allowing you to reduce negativity, anxiety and just kind of treat yo self (without, hopefully, breaking your bank). And my understanding of self-care is simplicity. So taking a moment to meditate. Doing some yoga. Taking some time to water your plant babies. Taking the time to light a sweet-smelling candle and let age-old fire light your life to a more mindful place. Read a favourite book. Discover a new favourite book. All that jazz.

So yeah. Alongside that kind of stuff is doing simple things like making an exfoliating hand scrub, using it on my hands and revelling in the new, soft feeling and comforting scent. And that makes me feel pretty chill and happy.

But that’s not all I have to say on the issue of self-care (is it an issue though? I mean, it’s not really). I was originally, whilst I was fretting last night about my lack of blog post, thinking of how it would be cool to do a set of posts about self care. Little things you can do for yourself or with others to let yourself know that you care...about yourself…

But when I looked up about self care month - or week - I noticed that they were either in September or November, respectively. Plus, it would be kind of weird to start a mini series on my blog half way through a month. But then I did even more thinking (still aboard the thought express? I’m surprised) and got kind of angry that there are designated months and weeks to self-care. Cause what I need to know is why there isn’t a self-care year. Better yet, a self-care LIFE.

Sis, you gotta look after yourself 365 days of the year, all your life. You only get one life. You only get one you. So look after yourself. Look after your mental partner. And look after your damn hand skin.

SO, now I’ve gotten that off my chest I can get on with the tutorial. All I wanted to make a point of saying was that this sort of stuff should be everyday for peeps. I don’t know. I’ve been in a weird place with my blogging lately. I’ve had other, more pressing things (the exam, the disorganised wardrobe) that have kind of pushed Mirth Box to a back burner To a slow simmer rather than a rolling boil. So maybe my reaction to this self-care-is-a-way-of-life thing is more dramatic than it needs to be, but I’m not me without some hyperbole. So, if you’re still here, reading this and sometimes feel a little lost - no matter what you do - leave a comment. Let me know I'm not alone. Cause you're not alone. I got you boo.

For real, though, let’s go on with the tutorial.

What you’re going to need? 2 ingredients! Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s that simple. Just coconut oil and sugar - brown or white, depending on what kind of exfoliant I guess. You can - optionally - add some essential oils for that nice smell, but let’s face it; coconut smells like angel farts so do we really need to add anything?  

4Tbsp coconut oil, melted
6 Tbsp white sugar, or brown. Depends on your preference and how much exfoliating power you need.

As the gif below dictates, melt the coconut oil, add the sugar and stir till combined. Then simply decant into a microwave-safe container and spoon on as you need!

I work on a till for a supermarket, so everyday my hands see a battering from dealing with money to being in a big, air conditioned box. So this kind of thing helps greatly. Just make sure after you’ve massaged it in to your skin, cuticles and problem areas, you rinse it in warm water and apply your favourite hand cream. You can see with my hands, it helps to smooth down the bits that flake and stick up (which I then pick and suddenly my hands look like they’ve been ravaged by wolves…).

(eww. major anxiety about my crusty baby hands on the internet rn)

Obviously, with any oil that is hard at room temperature you’ll need to microwave the container to soften it till it’s just about stirable whenever you need it. But it does make your kitchen smell of coconut which can only be good!

I hope this was helpful. Make sure you do something that makes you happy today. And look after those crusty hands.

Later lemurs,


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