April Bullet Journal Layout

Ahh April. The month of showers. Of Easter. Of...I don’t know. It’s Ben’s birthday in April. That’s pretty cool.

But as the month of March leaves and beckons in the month of April, there must also be a new bullet journal layout. Which I am showing you today.

Last month, if you remember which you don’t, I was with a very green, tropical feel. This month however I’ve gone all minimal on yo butt. This is is no way related to my minimalist memories blogpost (well probably not anyway). It’s more a combination of me wanting to try a simpler, more spacious layout for a month. Plus I have been feeling kind of rough so there’s that…

Anyway, let’s get on with the post shall we?

For starters I went with just the simple name of the month and a little tiny calendar. I do the calendar on or very near the front page every month. I'm quite a visual planner so seeing how something is laid out can be a huge help, especially when it comes to deadlines. Plus, I have been trying really hard to do that beautiful cursive style writing you see on the ~aesthetic~ bullet journal Instagrams. I know it's not perfect but I was nervous.

Next I tried something a bit new and radical. I have been in a love hate relationship with the mood trackers for a while now. I like to track my mood and see the traffic lights of my emotions as I go through the month seeing visually how unhappy I am when I have to work, when I'm on my period or when I'm evacuate-your-bowels nervous about something. So - are you ready - I went with the graph. I can't remember where I saw it but it honestly looks so much cleaner and fits well with the theme this month.

On the theme of minimal bullet journaling, I condensed my habit tracker down. I kind of get to a point every other month or so when I get a little over-ambitious and add like 60 habits I want to track.Then get overwhelmed with the effort of remembering my day and just forget to fill it in. But in the spirit of simplicity and everything serving a function - ergo no pretty tropical trees and only necessary structural washi tape - I narrowed the habits down to the ones I really needed to track. Plus, by condensing it down I get to put it on the same page as my mood tracker, giving me a tracker page. Which makes me happy (I have no life, btw).

As usual, the two super important - but still boring - expenditure and bills pages. Like I said, functional pages only this month please.

Next I included the blog post and video ideas pages. In my experience they each need their own page. I tried condensing them together back in January and it didn't end well. And you might ask, "But why are they included? Are they necessary?" 

Yes. Absolutely. I'll fight anybody who disagrees. See, if I don't write down ideas they take up important, scarce, conscious thinking space. Plus it keeps me awake if I don't purge it from the long-term.

Finally, my weekly spreads have also been condensed to a page per week as opposed to two. It took a lot less time than my two-page weekly spread. And as much as I love the layout from the last two months my poor bullet journal is getting thin on pages. Plus, like I said, been feeling rough so taking a step back from the design front has been A-OK with me.

I would love to know what kinds of themes other people use so if you're a bullet journaller with a spread you want to share you should in the comments!

As always, make somebody smile today!

More later,


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