10 Things I've Learnt From Counting Calories

I'm not sure if counting calories is a recent trend, is a continued trend from long ago or if I'm just noticing it (lol probably). But I have been seeing more and more recently that counting calories won't get you that beach body. Counting calories is not the magic formula of being a health god or goddess. And that information can be confusing when you want to do the best by the temple that is your beautiful bod. So I figured I would share my two cents about counting calories. I have been counting the calories I consume for around a year. I don't do it as religiously as I first did, but I have learnt a lot from doing it. So here are ten things I have learnt from calorie counting.

-1. You're probably eating more calories of the calorie dense foods than you think.

-2. And the servings of those calorie dense foods - bread, pasta, potatoes (basically the holy trinity of carby goodness) - are much smaller than what you'd expect it says on the packaging.

-3. It can be really frustrating working out the calories for home baked items, but you do gain a much bigger appreciation for the nutritional values - of lack of.

-4. When you come in under calories you get a sense of accomplishment of eating your target.

-5. But on the other hand, it's kind of the worst when you go over and see you're actually minus on your calorie bank account balance.

-6. Appreciating that counting calories isn't the be all and end all of your health goals is important. I struggled with this at first but have relaxed a lot about it. As long as you aren't going over your goals continuously then it's not a problem.

-7. Whether you are counting calories as a way to lose weight, gain weight or out of curiosity to keep a food diary, just because it fits in your goals does not mean you can eat trash breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unless, of course, you are a bin (hello yes, my name is Jess).

-8. You find creative ways around eating your favourite junk foods with lower calorie alternatives and discover that the healthier way is actually pretty yummy too.

-9. Counting calories does not equal weight loss. There are other aspects too like keeping an eye on your macros and exercising. And hydration is key. If you feel hungry, have a glass of water. You were probably dehydrated.

-10. Whilst on the subject of drinks, some of them hold a real calorie punch so it's really important to be mindful of how you'll continue to include them - or if you decide not to altogether.

And there they are. I've probably forgotten loads but that's show biz baby. Also, if you want to count calories for weight loss, weight gain or some other health reason it's super important to get the opinion of a qualified professional rather than cut your intake to 500 calories just because Heat magazine told you Kim K was doing it. Just be mindful of what works best for you and listen to the temple of bod.

Make today a positive one!

More later,


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