March Bullet Journal layout


I wanted to do this particular thing last month but I didn't. Why? It's a mixture of laziness, forgetfulness and something else. I think I had an assignment?

Whatever. I have it for you today and that's what matters! I struggled with a theme for March and took inspiration from a blanket I own. That sounds super lame when I write it down but what can I say. It's a pretty piece of home decor. Anyway, I didn't want to do the standard March thing - daffodils, tulips, crocus', baby lambs, Easter eggs (especially since Easter this year has just managed to squeeze itself into April). I wanted to do something a little simpler, but still pay homage to plants. Which I did. As you can see from above, I went with simple, tropical leaves. 

For my mood tracker I went floral. I had a go at a geometric rose using a similar method to this geometric flamingo painting that you can find on Mirth Box DIY. I did something similar last month with a sloth. When I started bullet journaling in November of last year I used the simple circles. But I'm no geometry genius and honestly, dividing an already imperfect circle into 31 or so days is one of the more aggravating things I have done. I'm not sure if you can tell from my ugly photography skills, but not every shape is filled either. I will have to see how it turns out...

I keep my habit trackers pretty similar every month. I add and remove habits I want to track. I like to play around with new things and remove those that don't work. It's a way of diffusing the responsibility of being a sucky adult who can't keep up certain habits for a month.

For me, these two pages are unfortunately necessary. I have found I have been able to reduce unnecessary spending by about £100-£200 a month which is pretty decent. Plus, knowing when the bills are coming out is a huge help.

I can't remember where I saw the idea dump pages but I never leave them out now. I have such a bad habit of thinking of an idea for a video for Nun-Topia or a blog post and forgetting it by the time I have time to do it. 

Finally I have each week laid out like this. Last month was the first month I used this set-up, including the little weather monitor and I really like it. It's pretty but still functional enough for plenty of notes, should I need them. Though with March being 31 days, it was a bit of a monster to complete.

And there we go. This month I have gone with a slightly simpler bullet journal. I'm still learning though and am always looking for new pages to add!

As always, make somebody happy today and tell your pets hello from me!

More later,


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