Spilling the [bubble] tea!

The tea has been spilled. Quite literally SPILLED. I mean, it’s bubble tea but whatever.

If you know me (which you don’t why would you we are internet strangers) then you know I have an affinity for iced tea. Specifically lemon but in more recent months, bubble tea. Or boba tea. Or whatever you call it.

It’s the best. A cold fruity tea with little juicy, fruity balls in the bottom. Which, reading that back, really doesn’t sound PG but I can promise you it is.

Moving right along.
Anyway, I wanted to regale you, one viewer, with my bubble tea quest. Since I first tried it on that fateful day like, a year ago, I have loved it. I had been seeing it before then on the internet. I’m a bit of a sheep and was like I want me a piece of that hunty and here we are. Anyway, that fateful day spelt out a new love of mine to add to my belt of cold tea drinks. Previously it had essentially been lipton, then vibe ice tea (until B&M stopped stocking it and made me feel unbridled aggression for them) and you know, in a cinch, lift would do.

But Ben and I were walking around a seaside area, pokewalking (as mature 20-somethings do in this day and age, you know alongside eating avocado toast and ruining the diamond market) when we stumbled across this shop. I got a bubble tea, life was good until I had drank it and it was a while before I went back.

And when I did, the shop had closed.


Anyway, it had been a while since I thought about bubble tea but recently I was getting a real hankering for it. I think it was mainly because I was thirsty and had seen it on instagram or buzzfeed or whatever. Regardless, my passion  for fashion (bubble tea didn’t rhyme) was renewed and momma needed bubble tea.

So out Ben and I traipse again, found another bubble tea place, loved it up with my beverage. Then I was like Hey. Why don’t I just get the ingredients and make it at home in my literal pyjamas whilst watching adventure time. And don’t get me wrong. I had been checking every so often about buying it, but if you’ve ever looked into buying the necessary supplies you’ll know they’re expensive and I’m tight with money.

Anyway, fast forward a bit more time. Ben the bae’s dad’s car needs a new starter, we go on our pilgrimage to the newest euro car parts (which for big, ugly warehouse stores are notoriously difficult to navigate to) and on the way, we notice an Asian supermarket called Oriental Delight or something (that isn’t me being racist, btw. It was literally called that). You could say I was delighted (inappropriate).

Anyway, walked around. Loved the dragons. Loved the live crabs. Loved the 600 varieties of cold, sweet tea (uh, hello) and lo and behold, on the shelf were some bubble tea balls. Or tapioca pearls (whatever you’re familiar with, they were there). I was more excited then than I have been since I was born I think. Other than the time I found a really good burger sauce (also out on a traipse with Ben at the range. I’m crazy, me).

Anyway, I collect my things. My teas. My balls. My LIFE, sis. Go to the checkout and the lovely girl behind the counter shattered my dreams with her broken english.

We couldn't buy anything. We were not members. Alas, we were sent to the front desk. Another lady explained the situation. They wanted utility forms. Forms of ID. My first born. I had none of that and the lady gave me that ‘Are you stupid?’ look I’ve become accustomed to in everyday life.

And we left.

Without the tea.

Without the balls.

It still stings.

More later,


P.S. Should it be spilled or spilt? Like the tea? What’s the correct way of articulating it?

P.P.S. Realised I didn’t end that happily. It did end happily. Went to Lakeland.

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