Me vs. Normal people

So the other day I was thinking about the different reactions people have to stuff. But I wasn't sure if my reactions were necessarily normal. So I kind of thought of a few. You tell me if you think I'm normal.

#1. When somebody expresses love or gratitude 
Normal person: Aw thanks/I like you too/ I love you too/ you're so sweet to say that!

Me: Of course you do. I'm fabulous 

#2. Pays a compliment
Normal person: Wow thank you so much!/ that's nice of you to say/ *blushes*

Me: Chortles and then burrows into the ground whilst screaming, “LIES! ITS ALL LIEEEES!”

#3. Trying to sleep whilst there's noise
Normal person: Wow. Kind of annoying/ I'm going to ignore that/use my pillow to cover my ears/try using head phones or ear buds

Me: This is it. The enemy frequencies have permeated the walls of my fortress. Pretty soon that sound is the only one I will ever hear. I will never sleep again. I will never rest again. I will forever be the watcher of this room. It will be my story. My legacy. My-- oh the sound stopped. *snores*



#4. Reactions to a hug
Normal person: Hugs back if they want to

Me: Awkward half hug/ runs away screaming

#5. Meeting new people
Normal people: Oh hi!/introduces self/ talks about self/asks about the new person’s life.


#6. When somebody is rude in the comments of your blog post/YouTube video etc.
Normal person: Replies with dignity/doesn't give the haters the time of day

Me: Cries/writes a dissertation length essay in reply about why they're wrong

#7. When there is a deadline
Normal person: Plans effectively and gets the work done on time

Me: Procrastinates constantly on Google+/ has existential crisis about why this essay even matters - WE ALL DIE ANYWAY 

#8. Sees a cute dog
Normal person: Aw so cute! / Pets the dog if allowed

Me: Freaks out and tries to steal the dog 

#9. Finding a new friend
Normal person: Is happy and tries to spend time doing activities they both enjoy

Me: Tries to put the person in my pocket/ “MY PRECIOUS!!”

#10. On having a mobile phone
Normal person: Checks it occasionally and uses it to keep in touch with friends /plays with apps

Me: Is glued to it always/ stalks people with it/ turns into a demon if you touch it

Wow. I'm just horrible really...but at least I made it to ten!

Have a great day you guys. Make good choices. Hug somebody.

Lots of love and more later,


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