I tried bullet journaling for a month

You know what I wish I was? Organised. Motivated. Put together. Basically somebody who has an aesthetic blog with a pinterest account and some other stuff.

What I am is kind of unmotivated, slightly gassy and obsessed with strung LED lights. They are everywhere. Having just done a count there are 13 sets in my room alone. What do I do with them all you ask? Fill them with batteries and marvel at just how pretty they are.

Anyway, in my efforts to become one of the people I mentioned at the beginning of this train wreck post, I decided to give bullet journaling a go. For anybody who has no idea what this is, it’s not as violent as the name suggests. It’s supposed to be a rather quick and easy version of writing in a planner or diary that is completely customised to you, gives you an excuse to use the hoard of notebooks you have acquired and allows you to be slightly artistic in the process.

Front page
I’ve never kept a diary because, like I mentioned, I am rather unmotivated. I think I even tried once but what I wrote embarrassed me so I ripped it out and put it in the bin. Then I used that notebook for pretend mermaid hunts my sister and I would go on.

Plus if you’ve ever met me (or read this blog) then you would know I’m super boring and there’s no point in keeping a diary if all you record is what your favourite meme was and what you ate that day was. Don’t get me wrong, this is important information. But is it information I’m going to want to read back when I’m in my 60s and remember that my ‘golden years’ consisted of me wanting to sit around eating pasta in my pyjamas? No. Probably not.

Anyway, I figured I would give it a go. I have plenty of unused notebooks, whiling away their existence in my various ‘stuff’ boxes. I have decent pens. Some colourful tape. I even have glue. So why not? I enjoy DIY stuff. Plus it might keep me motivated.
Mood tracker

But then when I came to do it, I realised I didn’t know what to put in it. What did I want to journal about in a quick, easy and fashionable way?

After some Google searches, I compiled a list of page ideas. They were:

  • the front page with a small calendar somewhere on it
  • A mood tracker
  • a habit tracker
  • general idea dumps for blog posts and videos
  • my monthly expenditure (oh boy)
  • my monthly fixed bills
  • And finally a to do each week, breaking my month down.

It doesn’t seem a lot. But remember I was a beginner on the 2nd of November when I woke up thinking it was a good idea. I didn’t want to go full pelt and end up hating it. Be gentle with me I’m a delicate flower.

Habit tracker
Next it was time to draw this all out. I’m not sure if this is all supposed to be done in one day or as and when you need it, but my understanding is you get this junk done at the beginning of the month and fill it in as you go along. Then redesign it all next month.

I can see the beauty of this. I can see myself - alternate universe obvi - purchasing a lovely, flowery diary. Getting excited to write in it. Recording my deepest, darkest thoughts. Then halfway through the year deciding the flowers were super ugly and I prefered a simple, geometric pattern instead. I wouldn’t have that flexibility. With bullet journaling, the style can change month-to-month. December can be christmas themed (which is totally is), January simplistic and wintery and February emo-goth ‘hello darkness my old friend’ bleak sad loser girl month. If I so wish.

I’m digressing.

Anyway, I have learnt from this experience that I’m painfully disorganised. However, bullet journaling really did help. The expenditure page was really useful and made me conscious of how much I was spending unnecessarily so that I could budget like a proper adult, whilst the mood tracker illustrated pretty much what I already knew: I’m highly neurotic and prone to violent mood swings (as my long suffering BF will tell you).

The idea dumps were helpful for jotting down ideas I otherwise note down on my phone or on a post it note, rediscover six months later and think, with unbridled disgust, what was I thinking? The habit tracker was most interesting. You can see I am pretty bad at keeping to the habits I wrote down. Maybe if I continue, in six months I will have a full tracker.

We’ll see.

Have you tried bullet journaling, one viewer?

More later,


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