The internet is an entity

In a world where life moves as fast as ours, it's hard to take a step back and think about the internet as little more than a big shiny rainbow that moves faster than the speed of light.

I was discussing this with Ben the bae in one of our chats we always seem to have in the car, delving into the societal issues of baby boomers, the retail industry and literally anything else our little minds can think of. The internet is a huge, amazing, thriving tool constantly recording the ebb and flow of human life. Providing reminders for the heights of human experience, but also reminding us of the dark, sad parts too.

It's incredible. Without it you wouldn't be reading this post. If you indeed are…

Now I'm not skimming over the dangers of the internet. I understand fully how dangerous it can be. The number of crimes committed, the number of lives changed. All because of the interminable clutches of the formidable force of the internet. A force parents limited when we were young, not understanding the strange dial up chorus as we entered into a world limited by almost nothing (but also at the same time entirely limited by dial up internet. It was the worst. Kids with Wi-Fi now have no idea how lucky they are).

But today I just want to reflect on the internet as amazing. I know there are two sides to every story and maybe when I'm in a poorer mood I will take to this platform to rant, like so many others do on the web of inter.

The internet has come along way since its creation sometime in the distant 1960s as a communication system for some kind of top secret government chat. Can you imagine it?

Government person 1: omg Tiffany. Did you hear about the aliens?
Government person 2: pretty sure the alien thing isn't gonna hit it big till the 1980s. The writer of this post might want to fact check next time?

Bah to that I say. Why should I fact check when everything on the internet is true?

Anyway, the point is the internet has changed a lot since it began. Even in the last 8-9 years when I have been using it properly(non stop, all the time, in a way that is becoming an issue). It's an entirely different place to now.

I remember the era of internet trolls, before Amazon prime and before social networking was the huge social force it now is.

It has evolved since then, but what we were discussing today was how much opinions, outlooks and even ideologies have changed among internet users.

The internet is almost self-moderated at this point. But again, that is limited. What I mean is that most people will call somebody out for saying or doing something douchey online. Whether it be a racist or homophobic comment, something cruel just to cause pain or something else entirely. Regardless of what is it, if you do something sucky the elders of the internet (which is literally anyone) will come along and @ you for being a nasty butt online.

And the more I thought about it the more interesting it seemed. When did we decide to call people out for this stuff? It may not be hurting us personally. It may not even get spread very far or seen by many people. So why even bother taking the time out of our day to comment “Dude, inappropriate. You can’t say that stuff. Apologise.”? Who made us do that?

I suppose it's the same as how queues order themselves or how everybody has basic social etiquette not to pull their trousers down on the train or in the middle of a supermarket. It's something we just know from how we are socialised. But who socialised us to use the internet? It can’t be just parents. I understand that aspects of having good etiquette skills on the internet is simply generalised from having good social skills. But how far can those generalisations  be taken?

God I don’t know where I was going with this. The fact I posted anything at all is an actual miracle.

More later,


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