21 things I learnt in 21 years

Just before I kick this off, I'm not up in here trying to claim that I was having earth shaking revelations at 3 years old.

  1. There will be times when things don't go the way you want them to.
  2. That doesn't mean you should become enraged with tears and anger and wipe your snot all over the back of the driver's seat in the car (long story, don’t ask).
  3. Some people aren't very nice. You just gotta let them be negative and irritating.
  4. However, that doesn’t warrant you throwing their box of conkers everywhere. Especially if your mother is watching.
  5. High school poorly prepares you for adulthood. They completely disregard the number of times you will end up crying, eating cereal mixed with yoghurt and bizarrely dusting your car.
  6. Crafting becomes increasingly more interesting as you age. Except you don’t fill your mouth with PVA like I did once at primary school.
  7. Speaking of primary, memorising which colours fall into the primary and tertiary categories is completely not useful. At least in my experience.
  8. If you find you don’t have the clothes you think you want, those feelings will change. Back in college for example, I liked to make sure my outfit was at least slightly different every day. Now, I wear the same jogging bottoms and hoodie for like twelve decades straight and only change if I spill something noticeable on myself. Get down with your nasty hobo self.
  9. Changing your own bed sheets is a feat within itself. But it’s basically one of the only things worth it in life.
  10. If you aren’t feeling quite yourself then clean yourself in some way. I don’t care what you scrub. Your hair. Your face. You genitals. Refreshing myself in some way always seems to refresh me mentally.
  11. Mental health is weird and at its most tender when you are at a transitioning age in your life - such as from adolescent to young adult. It’s totally normal to feel weird and confused at times. And sometimes it helps to have a pal to talk to.
  12. EVERYBODY should name their car. My car is called Bames.
  13. Likewise, EVERYBODY should have a plastic cooler cup with a built in straw. Gotta stay hydrated!
  14. Paint your bedroom whatever colour you like.
  15. Please don't be embarrassed about who you are. Never feel pitied by others about something you can’t - or aren’t willing - to change about yourself. They would BE so lucky to be you.
  16. Hot glue guns are worthwhile investments.
  17. Vegetables will help your body. Some more than others. Some less than others. Salad makes me feel less sluggish and weird. But sweetcorn gives me a runny bottom so pros and cons, you know?
  18. Alarms are always going to be the bane of your existence if you aren’t a morning person. Just greet it with a ‘Hello Satan’ and you might feel much better.
  19. Fairy lights will brighten up your entire, miserable existence.
  20. Two faced people aren’t worthwhile investments in terms of your emotion or relationships. The place in your head where you trust people enough to be friends with them is valuable real estate. They have to earn a place there. Like monopoly.
  21. If you don’t want to do something because you are scared, do it anyway. If you fail, then you were right. And who doesn’t like being right? And if you succeed then you proved yourself wrong - but for the right reason.

Oh no. I’ve become one of those people. Inspirational quotes and the like.

Have a good day. What important things have you learnt?

More later, Jess

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