A new start

I just want to preface this by saying that I'm kidding myself if I think I will be able to post regularly on mirth box again. But I think I will try to remain ignorant for a little longer.

As the title suggests, I am (desperately) hoping that I can maintain some kind of streak when posting to this blog. I am a little lacking in motivation and I also have a poor attention span for things I don't have to do. Mainly because of things I do have to do. Such as work. Studying. Assignments.

However, I have proven to myself that my sister and I can in fact maintain a weekly posting of a YouTube channel. A video is much more work than a blogpost in the grand scheme of things so here's to hoping.

And yeah, I get that much of it is off my own back. Dear blog viewer, I hear you shriek “maybe it's not for you! We haven't missed you! If you can't keep up with it maybe it's a sign you subconsciously don't WANNA post on here!”

I wondered that too but it's not true. I've missed having a blog. Even if just a place to rant about stuff that bothers me.

Anyway, I will leave this post at that. Stay tuned for more radio silence (dear god I hope not…).

More later,


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