Under 300 calorie protein-packed breakfast wrap!

Yes. It is me.

Back at it again with the inconsistent content.

This week, breakfast. That's what I'm sharing with you, I mean. 

I did have a different recipe I wanted to share but I really had no effort. I'm not going to lie to you. You don't lie to friends. Cause that's what we are, eh one blog viewer?

Look, I'm moving away from the point. Once again, if you saw the picture, thought 'Wham bam, thank you ma'am' and came here for the recipe without my dribble, parachute to the bottom, yo.

If you're in the mood for a commentary, stay here. Hey. This is going to be a fun journey. Just you, me and some high quality images taken with a bomb camera.

Thanks Canon.

Let me get into the gritty nitty, nitty gritty and all that jazz of what this even IS. It is a wholemeal tortilla, toasted on an open flame (Ooo, danger), filled with a schmear of low-fat Philadelphia, some spinach and a soft boiled egg. And some seasoning because we all need favour in our life.

Am I…

Quadruple chocolate chip cookies

Question: Why should you, a human hopefully looking for a quadruple chocolate chip cookies recipe, make the cookies I’m about to show you over the one hundred million other variations and recipes for cookies on earth? Answer: because nobody else makes self-deprecating jokes like I do. That’s a lie. Anyway, these cookies are referred to - by literally only me - as quadruple chocolate chip cookies because they contain four forms of chocolate. Not four types. You can’t sue me for a misleading name. This is my disclaimer. Anyway these cookies contain cocoa powder, melted dark chocolate, dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. Sometimes, I even put milk chocolate chips in if I’m feeling particularly dangerous. Either way, the recipe below is a simple cookie recipe that even I can make without setting the house on fire and destroying everything in it. Look, I’ll be honest; I’ve had a really traumatic journey with cookies. That sounds dramatic and it IS. The cookies I used to make never c…